July 21, 2013

it's a small country in a small world

Click and enjoy their story.

Don't know how things go, they just happen it seems.
Recently I was invited to write our little story on the blog of a London couple who restored an old house on Ciovo, the peninsula next to Trogir.
Read our Croatian adventure in a nutshell here.

A couple of people commented to our story, much to my surprise also Peter, the guy right on this picture.
They did what we did, crossed a couple of borders between Holland and Croatia, and started another life.
Or better: a stunning, natural, amazing, most happy life.

We did so after spending our whole working life in Holland, ready to soon receive our pension in a much more enjoyable and fantastic life in the MOST BEAUTIFUL part of Dalmacija.

They however, are more the TRUE sort of pioneers, still in their strongest age, raising two wonderful young kids, while struggling with totally new conditions compared to those in Holland.
Bureaucracy, weather conditions, tons of work, the language, and a vision on life that sometimes may surprise traditional neighbors, doing things a bit different from what they did for centuries.

Right they are however (!), as traditions are great, but they must not block your creative ideas.
Go forward !!!, using what proved useful, adding new ideas to make the mix even better !

They do, with all skills and power they brought along, and when reading their blog, you'll understand they succeed in a splendid, respectful, natural way, step by step.

Thinking about how your own life is going, take an example of theirs !
And if looking for a "time out" from the (Northern European) rat race, contact them, as they will welcome you with open arms, using your (unknown) qualities, adding theirs, making you a happy person.

You might just want to make a change in life after you discovered how rich life can (and should) be.
They know, we know, and more people are discovering, this is a great country !
To spend a holiday, hiding from the rain for a while, or to live till the match is over.

I'll soon be receiving my pension, but I hope to live another hundred years or so.
HERE !!!
Which goes for Peter, Barbara, their kids, and an increasing lot of people who somehow discover what we already know.
As this is f#cking paradise, even when the sun ain't shining sometimes.

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