April 14, 2015

enjoy the sun but stay safe.

Dalmatia is fantastic.
A very pleasant climate and a stunning coast.
Lot's of sunshine and numerous places to enjoy it at the Adriatic.

Lot's of beaches, like in Omis, Makarska, Split or Trogir, 
and if there's no sandy beach, any flat peace of rock invites you to relax in the sun between diving into the cleanest, clearest, móst beautiful sea.

Careful however, as sunny weather can also be risky weather if you are not aware of it.
Not to frighten you, but better safe than sorry, check after summer if there are any skin defects that need medical attention.

Of course you use sun protection, especially for kids.

To make things easy, here's a simple way to do a basic check yourself.

And if in doubt, ALWAYS see your docter.