May 03, 2015

closed till further notice

Hi all of you interested followers around the world.

As you may have noticed I almost didn't add any new posts here.
For those who thought Svinisce disappeared from the earth,
don't worry, 
it's still here, just five minutes behind Omis.

To be precise, it's still driving along the Cetina towards restaurant Kastil Slanica on your left, and a little further,
up the mountain road on your right.

Left, right, left, right, left, right goes the winding road up towards Podaspilje, and continues straight till a blue sign Modris.
There you turn right, into an even smaller road, and after a couple of mnutes you're in our hidden valley.

So any of you who wants to see where I wrote those previous 393 pages about Svinisce, it's HERE !!!
Yes indeed, 393 pages, stories, pictures, mostly about this tiny village.
I had a lot of fun creating them, and so did you, reading it all.

But, times change, and I discovered Facebook gives me the same pleasure, and enough ways to share information and fun.
So if you like to follow my/our life in Dalmatia, I gladly invite you to become friends with me on Facebook.

To all of you now crying over your computer, don't worry, I might add some pages here too, but when, what or how,
I don't guarantee anything.

All I can advice is to come to Dalmatia, and follow some of my steps.
Don't just stay at the beach, get out,
and go discover all the things I shared with you.

It made me a most happy person, and I hope you will be too.

Thanks, and see you some day.