December 05, 2011

hvala bogu, it works again

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For some silly reason the functions between Picasa and Blogger did not do what I wanted them to do. Hvala bogu (thank God) it works again, so here's a tiny update of life in our hidden valley. Life goes as it's meant to be here for us, slowly and in total peace. Yesterday I prepared a delicious meal for our best friends/neighbors, with a roast of young pig, a potato dish from the oven, cream and cheese to make it rich and tasty, traditional pears from holland (stoofpeertjes we call them), a dish of mushrooms and bacon, salad, and for desert a pie called "tarte tatin". All of it was fantastic, and we shared a delicious meal together, seated around the kitchen table, while the woodstove heated our bodies. Life is great overhere, social life even greater !! And however today it's raining, who cares, as we've got loads of books to read, and always something to do. We installed a washing machine, a dryer, a freezer, and next job is to create some space to get some of the many boxes from their storage in a garage in Omis. But first I have to finish a "little" job I am working on, building some extra storage behind our gardenhouse. Never did that before, but with some advise from friends and neighbors I'm perfectly pleased by the result so far. With no experience as a carpenter, nor in welding, nor in building jobs, I can tell you, you never know until you try ! And I do know now, with some good thinking in advance and no fear for beginners mistakes, you can do ANYTHING. (The kitchen on the picture above is history, as it's now a perfect place to enjoy my cooking skills).