December 29, 2011

a new year, a million years !


Another year coming, a million years of geological history in a single cave gone by.
The name of the cave: SPILJA VRANJACA, and trust me, it's a beauty !

About half an hours drive from Split, and a bit more from our area.
The cave is worth a visit for sure, and even worth more on a hot summer day, as temperature in it is at a steady 15 C. during all year.
Formed over many, many thousands of years (and still growing with every drop that falls) this picture only shows one of the numerous pictures you'll see.

And if the owner, called Marco, has the time for it, he'll shwo you around with many details he only knows to share with you.

The cave itself is a beauty, entering and walking around in pure delight is easy to every person, young or old, and should there be somebody in your group that does not dare to enter the cave, the surroundings are fantastic too.
Any lover of nature and anybody wanting to experience a "wow feeling" deep below the surface, just go for it, even if you rather lay on the beach.

And apart from the cave and its surroundings, Marco Punda, the owner, is a most friendly person who loves to share his love for this special place and it's unspoiled natural atmosphere.
And he might offer you a small drink, a so called domaci orachovic, a strong drink made from rakia, green wallnuts, some orange and many more various things, as everybody has his own way of making it.
His however is special, with a surprising green color and a charming taste (however still strong).

Happy newyear, another year for the cave to grow, drop after drop.
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