December 05, 2011

not yet !


The weather overhere has been mild and pleasent untill now.
Hardly any rain, with day temparatures up to sixteen degrees celcius and more in the sun.
(In the shade it was rather fresh, but who wants sit in the shade on days like these).

Today started with a drizzle, still with views for miles and miles, clearly showing the cloud capped mountaintops around us.
And at the very moment I write this, the rain increesed and some thunder from far away sounds.

Thunder here can be pretty impressive when it's nearby.
As we're living between mountainrigs and slopes, thunder not only stays a bit longer, it echoes tremendously, all together making it to Dante's hell for a while, but even than, it's a fantastic experience.

The picture shows what has to come still, snow, and however the current weather is far from cold, it can be pretty cold overhere, with real snow for a couple of days, making a drive down to town a tricky expedition.
No problem, we are prepared for a couple of days on our own, with rice, beans, wine, meat and canned vegetables for "just in case".

And even better, when snow coveres our valley, most people stay home from their jobs (impossible to take the trip), and go out into nature, having a fantastic time out in a winter wonderland.

Snow here never stays long, and as soon as it's gone, it's time to drive down to the coast for a cup of espresso between the palms at the beach.
Yes, that's one of the great things here, the diversity of weather and micro climates.
And still, after "our"snow has gone, it's less than half an hours drive, to go up Biokovo Mountain, where the snow stays most of winter, and not just those centimeters we enjoy here.

What can one wish, with all these pleasures around ?
Nothing, as far as I know !
Yep, that's Dalmatia, also in wintertime a great place to be.
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