April 28, 2012

wine or water, you choose

Not yet, but rapidly the temperature of the Adriatic will be nice enough to go for a swim, the very first swim of this year, to which a lot more will follow.

Since a couple of days air temperature during the day is on and over 25 C. ( about 50 degrees F.)
Everything is growing like hell now, so soon we'll be eating our own "this and that" again, however tomatoes, melons and such still need some time to grow.

The temperature of the sea too is quickly rising, so in a couple of weeks we'll be splashing around in this gorgeous blue ánd clean water.
So, if you still think "ah well, another wet story from that silly dutchman", have a look at this story !!!! :

By Cliff Rames © 2012
Anthony Bourdain: 
”I can’t believe it took me this long….Season 8. It took me to get here. This is f****** awesome.”
Unless you have been hidden away on one of Croatia’s many uninhabited islands (there are over 1,100 of them), by now you have probably heard that Anthony Bourdain of the widely popular Travel Channel TV show, No Reservations, kicked off Season 8 by visiting Croatia.
The episode he filmed in Croatia, called “Coastal Croatia”, was shot over a week’s time back in October 2011 and made its world premier this week on the Travel Channel (Monday, April 23, 2012, 9pm EST).
Reaction to the episode, based on the early buzz and online chatter, has been ecstatic and overwhelmingly positive. Love him or hate him - Bourdain can be a divisive, acerbic personality with a raw, uncensored sense of humor - the “Coastal Croatia” episode is an extremely entertaining, informative, and well-produced piece of travel journalism. It is also quite infectious viewing; I still find myself watching it over and over again. You can too, thanks to the Daily Motion blog, which posted the full episode online (below).
If you still think "ah well, it's that silly dutchman again", what élse do I need to tell you ?
And DO have a look at the blog of Cliff Rames called winesofcroatia, as Cliff is a fantastic expert on Croatian (and other wines) who showed me the way through all bottled grape delight that is available in Croatia (and who is a fántástic blogger as well !).

This ís an amazing wine country too, in case you hate swimming.
So, when looking for hidden treasures: come and get it, for wine, sea (and a lot more !!).

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