April 12, 2012

forgotten car

Some dirt grows nicer over time.
Most of the dirt dropped down slopes and along small roads in this pristine nature is a pain in the ass to me, however, this old forgotten car turned into a beauty.

Still there is a (nasty) habit overhere to get rid of garbage a bit further away from the house, sometimes painfully stupid (!!!) as on some spots the view is fantastic, but the same spot an easy place to dump building material, old furniture an died freezers.

Out of town I understand how they manage unseen, as it takes only a couple of minutes to drive up a mountainroad and find a place to dump whatever needs to be dumped.
In towns like Omis however, I simply do not understand how (the hell) it is possible.

So my advise to Omis is to create a job for someone looking for dirtspots and eliminate them as soon as possible, as it's the worst "promotion" a tourist town like Omis can have.
And after the town has been cleaned, I'll gladly drive this inspector around to show him some more places where the view is stunning, but the dumped dirt a bloody shame.

Still, sometimes I must admit, dirt can become beauty !

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