April 23, 2012

mosor mountains in the snow

Not much time to write a lot, busy with a couple of other things, and in case you think "húh snow", it's gone !
The picture however is nice enough to share, and soon I'll have a bit more time to actualise some views.
Still, whenever you look, it's always a magnificant mountainrig to see.

And for those who like to hike, do it, as however it is not the highest nor a climbers mountain, for those who love nature in it's roughest form, it's worth a day or two/three (four or more).
There are excellent maps available in a couple of shops (mail me and I'll tell you where to go), and for those with a gps, there is topographic software too !

And in case you go hiking, there is a mountainhut, but in summer sleeping outside is even nicer.
You won't see snow :-), you'll hardly have rain, just be aware that there is not much water, so take at least two liters per person if you go for a longer hike.
Should you want to experience a higher mountain, Biokovo is waiting for you.

Enjoy nature, Dalmatia has a lot of it, and most of it in pristine condition.

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