February 10, 2014

Kravice Waterfalls (in a couple of months again)

Currently this is the screenshot we see,
 when we start up our computer.
It's taken by Robert, my good friend of malimlin.

I haven't been there yet, but be sure it's on my list, even asap, 
as now that it's winter, the amount of falling water down might even be a lot more than in mid summer.

When Robert drives guests to Mostar and back, this place is a perfect refreshing stop on the way home.
He and I often get going together to discover new places, 
or we share the details after having found one.
Currently I discovered that beautiful monastery (see previous posts), 
Kravice waterfalls however are his discovery.

With lóts (!!) of rain and stormy winds at the moment it's typical Dalmatian winter weather overhere.
Not really very inviting to get out, but the forecast promises in a couple of days I can exchange this picture for the réal thing.

I the meantime this picture showing between emails, blogging and administration keeps us dreaming,
 of another spring followed by another summer and another autumn.
So the price, three months of Dalmatian "winter", we gladly pay.

(And besides, still plenty to do inside house and gardenhouse :-).