February 24, 2014

"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

And I, simple nature lover, who thought Sinj was only and all about the famous Alka tournament.
How ignorant could I be !

Thanks to the website 
I discovered the ever active people of Sinj's tourist organisation were inviting people to join in a guided tour through town.
For free, mind you, for free, and being a Dutchman living in Dalmatia, for free means "go man go".

So off went, I, together with my travel companion Robert (of www.MaliMlin.com), as both of us are originally from Holland.

And no, we didn't see any Alka horses, nor their heroic horsemen, as for the world famous Alka tournament you'll have to come in summer.

Than what makes Sinj so special, all year round ?
Well, first of all Jelena, the charming and very pro active lady of the tourist board.
We were warmly welcomed on the main square, introduced to our splendid guide for the tour, and at 11.00 sharp of we went.

Now before I start to reveal the whole tour, I might say "sorry, but it's your turn".
So get of your lazy sun burned beach (not yet), and go to discover Sinj yourself.
Of course you come to Dalmatia for sun and sea in the first place, however,
before you do so, as we're still in winter, allow yourself the pleasure of discovering Sinj through the internet.
To make things easy, see:

There's plenty of high quality info available, and if interested in history, archaeology, culture, nature, a bit of action and/or adventure, and TRUE Dalmatian life, prepare yourself for a visit to this town, right in the heart of Dalmatia.
As it's a great starting point, absolutely worth a visit or a stay.

Should you need help, info, details, anything, do contact the tourist board of Sinj, as they know it all, and share it all with great hospitality and charm.

And I, humble walking nature lover, I will definitely go back to Sinj.
As to get to understand Dalmatian nature even better, sometimes it even makes sense to enter a town.

And I might just consider to get into nature again, this time on horseback, as that's one of the many offers, an entire week on a horse, instead of walking.
(Sorry horsie, sometimes I like to be lazy).

But no, I won't join the Alka Tournament, as that's for true noblemen.
And besides, I never sat on a horse, yet !

Thank you Sinj, for inviting me.