February 08, 2014

Sailing, the last freedom

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Sailing used to be the last freedom, and still is
in Dalmatia !!!!

Having sailed all my life, from dingies to 420, 470, Hobiecat, ending in a 30 ft. seaworthy yacht 
(called a Pion, built by v.d.Stadt).
On top of that I sailed many trips with a crew of friends 
on 40 to 46 ft. yachts.
With them I had many fantastic trips, in pleasant 
and also véry unpleasant weather.
(The English/French Channel remains to be horrible water).

Dutch waters and North Sea were our territory, Belgium and England our goals.
And for many years, all year round, you could find us/me on those waters.
Even in winter, a bit cold, but total freedom.

Things changed, more yachts, less space, crowded harbours, business and (to many) restrictions took over.
Did I/we have a great time, hell yes, but only at sea freedom could be found.
I lost a feeling, nót for sailing (!!!), but for that freedom.

And to tell you the truth, after we discovered Dalmatia, we also discovered sailing did not have to be that cold, miserable, rainy, stormy, foggy fanatic's thing.

Of course, also in Dalmatia one can be (I can) that fanatic, adjusting every single rope on board to get the maximum boatspeed.
But you don't have to !

As.....here in Dalmatia's waters, you can still enjoy total freedom, in endless clear blue waters, sailing from one island to the next, anchoring in secluded coves, or charming little harbours. 

Only one thing I'll be missing here :-)
Stepping ashore in England, we always found the way to the nearest pub, to enjoy a typical pint of beer.
Sorry for Kaltenberg, Heineken or Karlovacko, but those British pints are a different thing :-)
(Or was it because the atmosphere in those typical British pubs.)

Anyway, if looking for absolute sailing conditions in open sea or between thousands of islands, 
forget about those Northern European waters.
Dalmatia is the true sailors paradise !
A naked paradise, if you prefer a total suntan.

Believe me, as I knów what I am talking about !!