January 30, 2014

W.T.F. makes Svinisce so d*mned UNIQUE :-)

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Can anybody tell me what makes Svinisce só unique !
Nobody ?
Ok than, if nobody answers I will :-).

Because it's hére, high up from Omis, and deep down behind the coastal mountains of Omiska Dinara.
About 270 meters above sea level and Omis, hidden from the Adriatic behind 600 meters mountain rig.
A green oasis, sprinkles with grapes, olives, a variety of fruits (cherries, figs, melons, strawberries)
and loads of fresh vegetables.

One tiny village, with normal people, living a social life, gathering in bad ánd good times, 
of which there are so many in Inland Dalmatia.
All of them, by they way, worth to be discovered.
As it's there, ánd here, 
that the true Dalmatian heart is beating.
Nót because of tourists bringing money in exchange for some "genuine" entertainment, 
but because it's the way of life here.

But that ain't all :-) !!
We may be living high and deep,
and in our own paradise,
we're not foolish (in case you might think so :-).
If we want, it's 5 (FIVE !!!) minutes down the mountain by car, and we're in the middle of the Cetina Canyon, where boats are shipping tourist cargo to and fro Radmanova Mlinice.
There we have our "private" little meadow at the river for a quick refreshing hot summer swim.

Still that ain't all :-) !!!!
As another 5 (FIVE !!!) or so minutes, we drive through Omis, turn right into the very first road outside town, and go to our "private" beach at a terrace/restaurant called Zvizdan.
Away from the massive crowds on Omis's beach, we take a dive in the Adriatic, preferably in the later afternoon, followed by some good cooked fish or meat, served less than ten meters from the sea.
And around ten in the evening we return home,
five back, five up, and thán:
as it's still not all:
We enjoy the móst precious we've got here.


Pure, natural, pristine, forgotten silence, with only the sound of crickets and/or an owl.
Plus, and that's not bad after a hot summer's day, in our valley evening temperature is about five degrees lower than at the coast.

So, if you plan to visit Dalmatia, do not try to find what you're looking for at the coast, but turn your head towards all of them tiny villages just a couple of minutes beyond the coastal mountain rig.
As thát's what makes staying in Svinisce 
(and nearby villages) unique.

And if lucky, join one of our many festivities, nót organised because of tourism,
but because they happen to happen.
(-: And there are a lót :-)

And if this ain't enough:
Split - 30 minutes
Omis - 10 minutes
Trogir - 50 minutes
Biokovo - 45 minutes
Dubrovnik - 150 minutes


And (I keep telling) anybody with a question
or remark,
do feel free to send me an email.
The address is in the header of this blog.