January 13, 2014

summer ? not yet, however........

(Our dog, the very best dog ever ! )
Ok, you win, summer is the best season to visit Dalmatia/Croatia.
However, you loose, as all them other seasons are equally fantastic, or even better.
Only when you're just interested in sunshine, blue warm water to swim and a cold beer once in a while, you better choose for the (looong) summer season.

although it' winter now in Dalmatia, and we're living behind the coastal mountains, even now when the sun reaches our valley (till about 13.30) I don't wear a coat, but walk around in my T-shirt.
Ok again, when the sun drops behind the mountains, it's chilly, but than again, it's only ten minutes down to Omis, to sit on any terrace, IN THE SUN, nipping from an espresso.

recently received a newsletter from a tremendous website/-blog
called Secret Dalmatia .
Well, to make things easy for me, you better look there.
As the owner, Alan Mandic, is a true pro, and even more,
a true lover ánd specialist of Dalmatia.
He offers the ultimate service, so you get to experience what love is about, and love it you will !!!
(He's a Croat, studied in the USA, and is the BEST).

So if you're still thinking of visiting Dalmatia/Croatia, don't limit yourself, summer is great, but the rest of the year is even greater.

Recently the Huffington Post published an article in which they state Croatia is THE place to be in 2014.
So better hurry, as January is almost over.
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