January 04, 2014

sail that boat, drive that car, but..............

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but.............do nót forget to take a walk.
As only when you put on your walking shoes, you'll discover how véry beautiful this area is.
Picture taken from the high opposite side of the Cetina River Canyon, on one of the hiking days me and my good friend Robert have.

Deep down you see two boats passing, each them stuffed with (lazy) tourists, heading for Radmanova Mlinice
(the ultimate lazy people's place).
I can recommend those boat-trips from the town of Omis through the Cetina Canyon, over a clean clear turquoise river.
Them skippers know where and where not to navigate, between some "hidden" rocks under water.
You'll be surprised how shockingly clear the water is, giving you the idea you're gonna hit the bottom any moment.
Be sure, you won't, as those skippers all know very well where to
and where not to go.
And better keep your camera ready, as after about fifteen minutes you'll see some impressive high cliffs where the river makes
a left/right turn.
High above you might see some people crossing the river using the newest adventure attraction here, called a Zipline.
True die-hards and daredevils make the ride of their life, well instructed and well connected, flying high (150 meters) over the canyon from one side to the other.
The guys of that Zipline also organise various wet adventures over, on, through and in the Cetina River Canyon.
True professionals, trained and experienced, ánd nature lovers with respect for this pristine environment ánd your personal safety.
As an adventure must be what it is, a breathtaking experience, but never ever a matter of life and death !
Unfortunately there are also some cowboys taking you out for the experience of your life, playing with your life,
risking to make it your last adventure !

Some advice:
When going for a hike in summer:
-Get up early, them rocks are hót under the sun !
-Take some water and a cellphone with you.
-Let people know where you plan to go.
-If possible, go together, not alone.

And last but not least:

If interested in some sort of excursion/trip/adventure,
ask my good hiking friend Robert, as your pleasure is his too,
as the picture clearly shows.

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