January 03, 2014

300, just a number in a row ?

No, 300 may be just a number in a row, followed by 301, but to me/you, this is page threehundred of this blog.

Started on August 4, 2006, in my native language (Dutch), I soon changed into writing in English.
Reason ?
Do Chinese, Italians, Croats, Englishmen, Germans or Canadians understand the beautiful Dutch language !

So bye bye Dutch followers, unless you understand my not even very complicated use of the English language.
There is much to be said about the British, living on an island, driving on the wrong side of the road, drinking beer without foam, but their language always wins.

Ok, there will be some isolated nationalistic die hards who keep believing their food, traditions or language are the very best.
Dream on, this is 2014, most information is in English, from simple recipes to detailed publications, and even cellphones, computers and all those electronic devises first come in English , and for the dummies in some native language, as business is business.
Even in Chinese: 生意就是生意 or Hrvatski: posao je posao.

And let me face my limits, my Croatian is lousy ( da da), and even in English I once in a while use Google Translate to find a typical word.
(Or to have a good laugh, as those translations sometimes are as terrible as English beer or Big Macs).

Let it be, a famous group once sang (in English), and so I decided to become world famous as well :-) and continued to write this blog........ in English.

Back to reality than, as this is only page # 300, so there are still a "couple" to come till you finally understand why a retired Dutch couple (us), decided to live in Dalmatia.
U Engleski, oprosti, in het Engels, sorry.

To all who once visited or frequently read my "little no goods for nothings", enjoy the next 200 pages, as I never run out of inspiration about this fántástic part of Croatia.
Dalmatia / Dalmacija.
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