January 13, 2014

"svinisceandmore", as all's well that ends well

Looking for móre work behind my pc, hell nó (reason why I hardly use my facebook pages), but recently I experienced a nasty bug in this Google powered blog.
Somehow it was impossible to upload pictures from Picasa to Blogger, and after a lót of worries and searching for why and how to solve it,
I decided to at least create a second blog.
It took me (to) much time, but with the friendly support of the Picasa helpforum today all worked as usual again.
Nevertheless, here it is:

Main reason remains to have a second option in case an other "server-glitch" appears at Blogger.
But, I'll use it anyway, now it's there, to share some pictures taken on our many trips in the neighbourhood.
As second best or bést, I cán and wíll use both blogs to make you see hów very beautiful this part of Dalmatia is !
Plus, now you can react, as I decided to open the option to react on "svinisceandmore".
Not on this blog, as here you can always send me an email, as the address is in the top right side of it.
"All's well that ends well",
or should I say:
"At the end there's always a beginning".