January 18, 2014

who's that clown ?

(do NOT click to enlarge)

Ok, just for once, so you know who's writing all this stuff about Dalmatia.
Yep, it's me, or at least a part of me :-)

Don't look at me to long, better focus on that blue of the Adriatic,
or the green stuff (called "prirode") behind me.

Picture, of course, was not taken in winter, and definitely not today, 
as today it's clouded, with some rain expected (at last).
Temperatures however are still far over normal, with about 15 degrees Celsius during daytime.
Even sea temperature is slightly beyond normal for this season, 
also being about 15 degrees.
Not the pleasant summer temperature of 23 or more, but who cares, 
as we've got a bathroom too :-)

And what about snow, you know, that white stuff.
Sorry, but normally there is at least half a meter on the higher parts of Biokovo, today however there aint, or a tiny bit over night.

So no skiing, not even two hours away in Bosnia-Herzegovina ?
No, not even there, so my skies stay where they are, in the shed.

Than what to do during the winter season ?
Ah, we socialise a lot, eating drinking singing, having a good time.
As that's what Dalmatia is about,
having a good time all year round, even in "winter" ! 

So, one way or the other, Dalmatia is definitely NOT only a summer destination,
If not a (lazy baking) beach person, this part of Croatia is 
a YEAR ROUND destination.

Want to have the old streets of Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir and many more to yourself, better come NOW.
And still, except today, there is plenty of pleasant sunshine to sit on a terrace, sipping from an excellent espresso or a truly good Dalmatian wine, 
overlooking the ever beautiful Adriatic Sea and it's sleepy islands.

If needing tips or details on how to enjoy Dalmatia in "winter",
feel free to send me an email (address in top right side of the header).