January 05, 2014

free meals: NO THANKS / NE HVALA !

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As you may have noticed,
I mention Robert from Malimlin once in a while.
Not only him, just for the record.

So before you get to think, "oh well, so he writes advertorials in his blog", I wish to be perfectly clear:

If I mention him or his agency, it's because he's a good friend with whom I go out on hikes or trips.
We share the same ideas, and we often say
"if only more people knew this, or saw that".

As that's the "problem" with many tourists visiting Dalmatia,
they do what they all do:
1. beach, sea, sun
2. excursion to either Krka, Split or Dubrovnik
3. fish picknick
4. rafting
5. eat a pizza, drink a beer
6. take another picture of the foot of Sveti Duje.

Not bad, not bad at all, but still missing a lot.
As, and I repeat this many times and once more:
there is só múch móre to discover in
inland Dalmatia, called Dalmatinska Zagora.

Recently a new website appeared, called Total Inland Dalmatia and also about that initiative I wrote a blog page, as I am extremely pleased to see the focus is not only on nrs. 1 to 6.

And any good tip, idea, discovery I feel like sharing with you, so you get a more detailed picture, I gladly and 100% for free share with you.

Do I get or ask for a free meal, a romantic night in some hotel, a breathtaking ride on that Zipline or wet hair in a raft,
the answer is 100% nó, NÓ, !!!!

I've spent 35 years in the dental trade branch (for good money)
and even there, my motivation was to share true knowledge with
(sometimes very stubborn) dentists.
Money never did, and never will influence my behaviour in any way.
Of course I earned, needed and need money,
but since I retired I just spend it.
(Also a good reason to live in Dalmatia, as one way or the other, life is cheaper here, if not drinking champagne every morning,
and willing to grow your own vegetables).

And to finish this explanation, I highly recommend MaliMlin.com in case you're still a bit skared to get out into the open of inland Dalmatia on your own.
He does, besides what all agencies do, organise private trips, on which he takes you to some of the so many unknown gems that Dalmatia is so riche of.

As counting from 1 to 6 is just a beginning,
followed by 7 to...........................
And that's what I write about, after Robert and I discovered something special.
For him it's hónest business, making a decent living,
for me it's "I am nót in it for the money".
Hell  Nó

So, if you see names in my posts, just know they are reliable.
Hora Est
(And as always: you can email me on the address in the blog title).
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