January 26, 2014

so close, yet so unknown

(Photo by Antonio Katavic)

Ricice is the name of the nearby village, Zeleno Jezero (Green Lake) the name of this lake.
Many, if not áll visiting tourists go in a straight line to Imotski, to see them two famous lakes.
Ok, not bad, not bad at all, but I prefer this one.

Ain't gonna bother you with the (rich) history of Ricice, not even gonna tell you about the man, his plane and his private airstrip, you can always go to Youtube or Google and search for "Ikarus Kurir".

No not all of that, "just" this unknown Zeleno Jezero is what I want you to know.
If in or heading for Imotski, check for the signs leading you to Ricice, and if you take the right road (there are a couple), one road may amaze you, simply because it does me évery time I drive it.

And believe me (for once) this colour is not photoshopped, hell nó.
Guess it's the colour that always hits me, especially as you don't expect to see it, not here.

But there is more to tell about this lake.
A typical phenomenon for this type of lakes is that they change shape during the seasons.
Summer level may be low, even so low parts of it's bottom look like elephant's skin.
Winter and spring however bring water from the surrounding mountains, especially those from the nearby Bosnian border.

(Do not feel shocked or surprised when the border patrol stops you to check your papers, as the line between Croatia and Bosnia is very close).

I love this place, much more than those famous two Jezero's in Imotski, mainly because they are púre !
And even the way back to our village (about 45 minutes by car) always makes me feel blessed, cause these hidden areas always surprise me with something I didn't notice before.

It's your turn however to discover, so leave that beach for once, forget about those commonly offered excursions to those two Imotski lakes (worth a visit of course, mind you), and get out to experience one of the many unbelievably unknown gems of Inland Dalmatia.
If interested, search for Total Inland Dalmatia, as there are móre such places.

And don't be surprised if a private airplane roars through the blue sky above you.

Dalmatia, always a surprise waiting !