January 28, 2014

snow in Svinisce, you'd better know it

(Picture taken from our terrace, 
looking at the nearest neighbours).

Not the typical weather Dalmatia is famous for.
However, it's better I tell you the truth,
the cold, white truth. 
As here it's SNOWING at the moment.
Suppose you prefer those sun baked months
of our loooong hot summers,
but this type of weather also has it's charms.

The story even goes a bear that forgot it's hibernating time, came down from Biokovo Mountain to search for a snack in a village called Zagvozd.

Both about half an hour by car from here, so don't worry, those bears run back again as quick as possible, so I won't be that snack.
But there are bears on Biokovo, as for sure, that mountain is rough, wide and pure nature.
Bears, boars, mountain goats, wolves, they all live in that vast area, being summer or winter.
Normally only those boars show more frequently, even around us here, but when the weather changes, the chance of seeing one of those other wild species increases a lot.
And snowy weather is one of those conditions.

So I prefer to stay inside now,
with an extra log or two on the fire.
Not because of those animals, 
but because snow is nice.....
......on pictures !
As that's where snow is great.

And NOT:
!!!!!!! NIMBY !!!!!!!!

For those who don't know,
nimby means: 
Not In My Back Yard.