March 14, 2014

Ikarus Kurir, the plane and the man

Thanks to the website called 
I was reading about a man and his plane.
The ever active Paul Bradbury put a short video on it, which showed a short scenic flight on YouTube, flown in the Imotski area.

What...... , a plane flying around from Imotski, 
that's NEWS !
Is that all, NO.. , as Ivan Zlatan-Rebic is flying it,
 from his private airstrip !!!

The flight already was very interesting, 
showing that rough and amazing area from above, 
the story behind it even more !

As, after a bit of research I discovered (yes, that's inland Dalmatia, always something new to discover), 
I found more and more details.

Details about the plane, details about the man, details about the location, and I love details, as they slowly uncover a tremendous story.

Let's start with the plane, called Ikarus Kurir, 
built in the mid fifties in Zemun , 
a town in what used to be Jugoslavia (SFRJ).
Only one (this one !!!) is still flyable in Croatia, the other only one is in Slovenia, flying or resting, 
I do not know yet.
Built for reconnaissance and transport of wounded soldiers, it lost it's value when helicopters were introduced in the army.
And, it would have been scrapped and lost for ever, if not saved by a retired pilot, called Ivan Zlatan-Rebic and his nephew, who's his assistent. 

With a long professional career in flying various airplanes, from crop dusters to fire fighters and passenger planes all around the world, he managed to save, restore and fly the machine.

Yesterday, I had my day off, which I use to go into the country together with my good friend Robert.
On our list were a photo visit to the beautiful lake in Ricice (near Imotski) after which we went to search for the man and his plane.

Did we find him, yes, YES, YES !!!!!
Was it a true discovery ?

As not only is he maintaining this lovely flying oldtimer, he is also building a second one, 3/4 size of the original, to be equipped with an equal engine, however with a turbo booster, specially built for aerobatics .
And is that all, HELL NO, as he's also building another flying device, 
which ain't a plane, nor a helicopter.
But that's another story.

So if you think Dalmatia is just a beautiful coast, 
how terribly wrong can you be !!!
Get out to look behind the coastal mountain ridge, and you'll find out yourself.
The website about Inland Dalmatia is a perfect help.

And Ivan, thanks very !!! much 
for showing us all you are inventing and doing.
You are truly amazing !

And if you think Nikola Tesla was special,
well, than you don't know Ivan Zlatan-Rebic yet.