March 23, 2014

to busy today, so back in time than

Busy, very busy, I might even say EXTREMELY busy.
So if you desperately want to read/look, click on the blue line, as I started writing this blog around 2006.
First in Dutch, but rapidly exchanged for English, as that's more universal :-)
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now winter (with hardly any cold or snow) has gone, it's time to prepare, plant, seed.
Not like our neighbours, who buy their plants ready to put in the ground.
Not me, not this Dutchman living in Svinisce.

They buy potatoes to plant, funny enough mostly from Holland, as that country is the absolute champion when it comes to creating new potatoes.
Hundreds, even thousands of varieties, many already forgotten, still a lot new types that either give bigger crops, less illnesses, better taste.

But I let them plant potatoes this year, as last couple of years I learned potatoes need a lot of work, attention, water, killing Colorado beetles, all of it to much work for the two of us, not depending on huge amounts of potatoes.
Other stuff however, from vegetables to fruits,
I seed, plant, pamper, grow, and prepare for dinner, all of it from "tons" of seeds I bought (mostly from Holland, some also from here).
Wanna see/eat chocolate brown paprika's or "weird" tomatoes, special herbs or unusual vegetables, come to Svinisce, and be my guest.

Being the cook in the house (all my life), one day we eat some good Italian pasta dish with osso bucco or a home made pizza, the next day it's a nice salad with good bread and a nice glass, or it's some Chinese or Indonesian food.
And still there are the Turkish, French, Indian and Swedish kitchen.
Cooking, as you may understand, is my favourite activity, and the amount of inspiration and ideas unlimited.

But even the cooking these days is (slightly) more basic, as I am BLOODY BUSY.

Ah, you thought Dalmatia is just laying in the sun, sipping nice wine or swimming in the Adriatic or the Cetina River, well, uhhh, it's not :-)
Anyway, not for me/us, as we're not tourists anymore.

And as we are the proud owners of more than two thousand square meters land, which has to be turned into a true paradise, full of flowers, plants and pleasant places to relax.

So, get back to history for a while,
as I am preparing our future, pleasant, easy and most enjoyable.
AND......with a bit less work and MORE time for this blog.
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