July 17, 2011

hi, my name is Katarina

Here's me and my grandfather, my name is Katarina and his is Andelco.

I am the youngest daughter of his son in law, and my grandfather is not only a great grandfather but the best friend you can have !

He used to be a sailor, but came home to start a family and take over the responsibility for the family land.
Not only he makes a great red wine, but also excellent prsut-ham, and his own olive oil.
And if that was all, he and his wife Susana take care of many jobs in the garden and on the land, as almost everything the family eats comes from own harvest.

Still that ain't all as Susana has a day job in a textile firm, and Andelco runs his own business, repairing all electric tools used in the building industry.

So lots of work, from early in the morning till late in the evening, making long days with hardly a private moment.

But it's all worth it, as you can see in this picture, taken at one sunday when all of the family gathered to share a great meal.
If you know how to keep in touch with these values of life, you're lucky !

And lucky we are, living in our hidden valley, in a small village called Modris, part of Svinisce, part of Omis, part of Dalmacija, part of Croatia, soon to be part of Europe.
AND.......lucky to have friends like Andelco and Susana, like family to us !

And however important for Croatia to become the next member of the European Union, let's stick to those basic values, almost more important than progress in a healthy European economy, with a better future for small children like Katarina.
As money can't pay for these golden moments, not even the Euro !

This is not me, it's our neighbour and best friend Andelco with his granddaughter Katarina.

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