July 17, 2011

how to become addicted ?

Try one of them wines, from www.krauthaker.com and you're addicted.
Especially their white wines have got me by the balls, (and I love it !!)

Living in Croatia (Dalmacija) aint hard for me, loving the good things of life after a rather busy working life. And once you know where to go, everything you want to eat or drink is pure, well tasting and truly a pleasure to share in this blog, so you know it too.
Sure, Croatia is great for holidays, but there are so many secrets to share with visitors that come to this fantastic country, you might never discover if you keep your dark sunglasses on, lying on your back.

So here's another one you should know and try before you leave (to come back).
Of course drinking in this warm country is a normal thing, being Jamnica sparkling water, a cold Karlovacko beer or a glass of wine.
Slowly discovering the wines produced by each and everyone around us (EVERYBODY here makes his own), I also had to try a couple from the local stores and supermarkets.
Local red wines here are mostly nice to excellent, white wines however come from slightly cooler parts of Croatia, especially from Slavonija, the north-eastern part near the Hungarian border.

First drinking a Grasevina from various cellars, I got a newsletter fron a wine expert called Cliff Rames of "wines of croatia".
Wanting to know as much as possible about this country, his newsletter gave me a good introduction to Croatian wine industry.
One moment he was writing about a famous wine maker called Krauthaker, so I decided to try theirs too.

Bang............wham..........thanks Cliff, as that's waht I call excellent white wine !
From the very first glass on, I was (and am) impressed, addicted, in love.
Their various Grasevinas are outstanding, and if you don't try it you'll never understand why I keep writing this blog, sharing small secrets about the true face of Croatia.

Still reading, well than read on, as I payed a visit to their website, and was surprised by the range of wines they harvest and pamper.
Once I knew what to look for, I went shopping for their Grasevina and got me a Pinot Sivi too, and OH LORD, another Godgiven discovery !
Not being a specialist on wines, just a lover of good stuff, you'll have to go to that blog by Cliff or the Krauthaker website, as they'll give you all those details specialists (and snobs) love so much.

I am just the pianoplayer, the guy in the middle, the secret enjoyer of life as it is here, and gladly sharing it with a couple of followers on this blog.
So now you know why you must see Croatia from another angle.
The beaches are great, so is the food, people are most friendly and nature is stunning, as are towns like Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik (however crowded in summer) and many more.
BUT......and still a thousand more reasons to come to Croatia, ......those Krauthaker wines might just pull you over the line.

And if not ever for some reason a visitor of this lovely country, go to your local wine seller and ask, no order !! them to get some of those fantastic wines !
After tasting those, you might just have another good reason to not go to New York, London or Bali.
Croatia, soon to become a member of the European Union, thousand islands, thousand discoveries !
And by reading this post, you just discovered one of them.
Cheers !

When the weather is hotter than hot, do like the locals do, mix your wine with some mineral water.
Don't look so shocked please, it still tastes great and refreshes a lot better without getting tipsy to quick.
(And the pleasure is twice as long for the same price: less than seven euros or ten us-dollars a bottle).

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