July 17, 2011

SHARE, that's the golden word

Today the whole family of our best friends here gathered around the table to join in a feast of good food.

And while writing this, from at least to spots in our valley sounds singing, so they where not the only ones !

The gathering started around twelve in the day, first having homemade prsut (typical dalmatian ham, a true delicacy), cheese, homemade pickles and salad from own garden.
Some bread, some drinks, and good company to share it all with.

After the first dish came a soup, also homemade, and after the soup the meat that made the soup.
Here it's usual to first cook the soup, with large chunks of good meat and lots of vergetables picked from the garden, and after serving the soup, the meat is served as a separate dish.

Was that all, sorry to say as I am not a stuffer but an enjoyer, but thank God, we had a break, to enjoy the peacefull day in our hidden valley, drinking, chatting and relaxing.

After a while, we were invited to join around the table again, as the roast lamb was served, togehter with green salad, marvelous tomatoes and cucumbers, all of it again from own harvest.
The pleasure went on and on and on, I was getting to feel like a stuffed turkey already, but no, there was a variety of homemade strudle (applepie), cookies and coffee.
And had that been it, I would have said thanks a million, but of course there was homemade brandy to finish it all.

The young folks played basketball, the elder ones (like me) just sat down, trying to keep breathing, while the sun went down in our peacefull hidden valley in Dalmacija, where sharing is the magic word !

Tomorrow we'll have an off day, with a sandwich I guess.
And the day after tomorrow we share again, this time to harvest the potatoes together, as that is shared too.
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