July 24, 2011

once a year, they all smile

Even pigs smile on what's called "Dan selo Svinisce".
On that day in july all people that live or used to live in our village gather for the village party.

Being one of them now, of course I went up to the village centre to celebrate the connection to this quiet lovely and lively valley with all others.
And however the weather was a bit unusual, less warm after a rainy day, a footballmatch on tv between Hajduk Split and Barcelona, still a lot of people came up our little mountain to where the cafe, balotteclub and church are.

There, in the centre of the cluster of small villages that form Svinisce, we joined for drinks, food, music, singing and dancing, and most of all, to meet old and new friends, all connected to Svinisce.

And once more, this party proved that however small, Svinisce is alive and kicking.
Did many people in the recent past leave to find a job at the coast or even in other countries, many of them return to join, and many return to live a quiet quality life up here after a busy life.

And right they are, as here there is no stress, the air is clean, the views fantastic and the homegrown vegetables, wine, oliveoil and meat make life a party, day after day.

Ten minutes from the Adriatic, with the Cetina River five minutes below us (both out of sight), this is an increadible place to enjoy life.
For the residents, but also for tourists, as these surroundings offer the excellent combination of total peace and action, with evenings that are far better than those at the coast, as here the air cools down in the evening, while at the seaside the heat sticks to your allready sunburned skin.

Croatia is fine, Dalmatija is fantastic, but there always is a champion, a number one, and that is Svinisce, where even the pigs smile, at least once a year :-).

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