October 28, 2013

a trip worth sharing

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I happened to see two Hungarian motor drivers,
when I returned from some shopping in Omis.
They stopped for a moment "now where to go", so I decided to stop too and gave them some advice to get the most out of their trip here.
I do that more often, when I see some people who do not know what to choose from the scenic menu .
Learned it from an ever polite English gentleman, who without asking crossed the street with " can I help you".
Good old British habits, unique in this stressed, ignorant world.

So I told them what would give them the very best "value for money", touring through this magnificent area.
Later on, no doubt they enjoyed it, so I thought I could as well share this trip tip with you.
Perhaps it's a good reason to finally plan a visit to this beautiful area,
called the Dalmatinska Zagora.

The roadmap I created takes you on a trip of let's say 50 kilometers, from Omis to Omis, driving through various, unforgettable landscapes, magnificent panorama's,
sleepy villages and truly stunning views.

Believe me, this is, no doubt,
one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia.
If not THE most beautiful !

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