October 18, 2013

svinisce, our village, our surroundings

Took a walk/hike with my good friend Robert, at which we reached the opposite side of the Cetina Canyon.
Must admit we first drove up the slope as far as we possibly could, still the rest of the hike however sucked a lot of energy from my not so very athletic body.

Clear skies, a bright sun, 24 degrees Celsius, and a pretty steep gravel slope, what else can a superman like me wish for :-)
Not only me however, with my nearly 65 years of age, also Robert had a (bit of a) problem to inhale the smoke of his cigarette.

Now about this picture.
It's taken from the N/W side of the canyon, and when you click on it to enlarge, you'll see a village glued to the right side, above the mountain road that eventually reaches our tiny village.
(Our village, look véry good, is on the left far side of the picture).

The "glued" tiny village is called Podaspilje, and is not really hanging, but still an amazing place, as the view from there, into the canyon,
is more than just fantastic.
Couple of houses there are for rent, so in case you prefer to have
the REAL FEEL of this area, and still want to go to the beach in five minutes,
that's your place to go.
Also, and pretty important if you know what hot summers are, in the later afternoon, evening, night and morning temperature there is fár more enjoyable than directly at the coast.
AND......you're not in that crazy crowded circus as Omis in summer.

Just one of them many stunningly beautiful sceneries
we've got plenty of here.
And believe me, this is what makes Dalmacija/Dalmatia
so very special, specially the surroundings of Omis.
Sea, sun, nature, river, culture and much, múch more !

Check my previous pages about Go Quixotic.
It's a brave and inspiring initiative, 

so pump some of your fortune to their's, 
it won't cost you a holiday.
Only a couple of beers less, half a pizza and a grilled fish.
(That's about $ 24,99 here, so what are we talking about).

If you PROMISE and PROVE to donate them $99,99, I take you out a day for thé ultimate Dalmatian experience, including a home prepared pick nick served at THÉ most amazing spot.
Yes, I am a fine cook, and yes that spot is beyond imagination !
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