October 16, 2013

what would Sir Richard Branson do ? (# 5)

Question on one of the many pages about Quixotic:

Or to say it in understandable normal words:
"What Would Branson Do".

In which of course Branson is Sir Richard Branson, 
known, nó, not knówn, 
but world famous for his unlimited spirit 
and unprecedented ideas.

In hís world the sky is nót the limit, hís sky has nó limits at áll.

What made me write this and previous pages is the unprecedented energy an American couple is putting into raising the capital
to fullfill their dream:
Starting up a completely new life in Croatia.
Or to be more precise, in Dalmatia.
Not only starting a new life here, but an epicurian place in Split.

Sure, there are more people in Croatia that have such dreams.
The new thing however is the way these folks dó what they do.

 !!!   C R O W D F U N D I N G   !!!

In crowdfunding you, me and everybody becomes partner of 
an initiative worth every single bit of support .
Not the IMF, nor Lehman Brothers or Brussels, but ÚS, the people.

Wanna know all about it, be part of it all and learn from it,
than visit their website, facebook page or any other page they use to draw attention,
as they will show and prove their sky has no limits too.

And when visiting their pages, do become part of this project,
as every single kuna, euro, yen or dollar is more than welcome
and will be well spent.

Click below to start:


And don't return to this blog till you did what I explained you to do.
Support this initiative !
As once théy succeed,
why not áll them young well educated Croatian people with dreams.