October 21, 2013

small change, big difference

Untill recent our car was the same, however, there was a slight difference, driving with typical yellow registration plates.
As we are originally from Holland,
also our car was registered in Holland, so it had yellow plates.
Makes sense huh.

As we moved to Croatia, we also at some moment had to register it.
 Before entrance to the EU however, there were many difficulties, as even the officials from customs one day said this, the next day that, so things remained like they were.

From the moment on, Croatia entered the EU, things áre changing, ánd for the better !
Still people around nag about the EU, but over time they'll discover things did and do get better.
Not áll, as this still is and remains Croatia, with it's own values,
which are typical Mediterranian here.
(Easy going, organic food, nice weather and an clear blue sea).

But simple things, that used to be very complicated and lasting for ages, are now changing, of which our car is a good example.
It still took a month to organise things, but compared to earlier trials, this is a huge step forward.

So from now on our car is a true Croatian car, and we can make phone calls in the car while driving, overtake left or right, drink a couple (not being coffee) before driving
and ignore if some light bulb dies out :-).
Just kidding of course, but the closer you drive to Split,
the more "different" drivers behave.
That, I guess will always stay the same, despite the EU and it's changes for the better.
As this ís a Southern European country.

If you, as a reader of this blog, you need advice on the issue of changing the registration of a car, be my guest and send me an email, and I'll gladly give you a short summary of things to do.

Life is great, especially in Dalmatia !
(So no time for cleaning the car).
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