April 06, 2008

in the beginning there was.....


We started with 1200 meters of jungle, real thick jungle.
Cutting, burning, sawing, lots of cold beers, slowly opening up this scenery.

Mosor Mountains, not Himalaya with its 4500 feet to the top, but having it to overlook at any moment of the day, THAT is great, believe me !

Even more true now that we grew from our tiny caravan to a strong little house with plenty of windows overlooking this landscape, and enough comfort in lesser days.

To hot, we start the airco, to cold we lite a fire, and to wet, we stay inside or sit down at our terrace pleased by the sound of raindrops on the roof, reading a book or just looking around.

Statistically however weather is 60 to 70% good or fine or even perfect, and however its not Everest, its still a great thing to have in our backyard, with no need to rent sherpas or yaks, as a small road is leading all the way up (and down).
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