April 06, 2008

two Cetina moments

A view on (our) Cetina river in its slower section.
Some rougher parts are about fifteen minutes up to the right, where the rafters start.
And sure, rafting this river is a nice adventure, not the most dangerous one, but it gives you a nice couple of hours to get wet and stay close to nature as possible.
This however is the landscape we encounter after five minutes of downhill driving, and even there I can drop my canoo into the water for a few minor rapids and excellent peaces of wetland between the canyonwalls.

The end of the Cetina river is here, where it cuts through some 1000 feet rocks.

To get this and other amazing views, its an easy thing to drive out of the other side of Omis, and go for the village of Gata.

And also this little trip wont last longer than fifteen minutes, so there's still plenty of time to look and walk around and enjoy this breathtaking view.

Cause many hundreds of feet below rocks arise from deep down at the river, and even on a windless day a breath of rising air is giving lift to little black alpine crows.

To me, and I truly hope to you as well, these tiny birds with their subtle communicating sounds floating without fear in this giant open space are a garantee for some deep respect.

A giant crack through the rocks bringing sweet Cetina water to the Adriatic Sea, overlooked by you and those birds.