April 07, 2008

rock the waves

No need to be scared, as most times the Adriatic is flat and gentle.
But when the "lady" is angry, she's most unpleasant and violent.
So allways keep a close watch at the weather when you decide to go offshore.

There are several options to know the weatherforcast, and if you're out and afloat, once in a while look at the coastal mountains.

Cause if a white cloudy cap is building up and tumbling down towards the sea, you better look for a safe spot or enough space away from the shore.

That is one moments the lady starts kicking ass, and she does give you a rough ride for a couple of hours ar least.

But most of the time, the sea is flat as a mirror with some gentle breeze for sailing ships like the one waiting here with Omis mountains in the background.
(other side of town has a very large sandy beach).
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