April 07, 2008

the scale of a landscape

Its rather a weird idea, to lick the landscape, but ok, you can now if you like.
A poststamp of Crveno Jezero, one of the two immense lakes near Imotski makes it possible, but I rather have a look than a lick, having Imotski less than an hours drive from Svinisce.
Crveno Jezero, or Red Lake is far mor impressive than a little stamp can show.
For instance, the depth is 220 meters from rim to bottom, and that's only one of the two lakes here.

The other lake, called Modro Jezero or Blue Lake, is extensively described on a marvelous website called http://www.modorjezero.org/

This website is very interesting to any visitor, and even more in memory of a crew of twelve men with a B24 Liberator, shot down and finding a resting place in the depth of the lake.

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