April 06, 2008

make the impossible possible

Pick a walk, and go !

Its not impossible to just go into the fields and mountains, and just start to walk.
Its even the best way to discover new things.

However, it aint the easiest way, I highly like myselve to just "go for it", even when "it" is not clear at all.

Still, even I do a couple of things in advance (I may look stupid but I aint).
One is have some idea of where to go, looking at maps, talking to people, and check my digital maps I use with my gps.

At home, I scroll the internet, checking for pictures, stories, Google Earth and many more.
Combined with my digital map of Croatia I select my goals, being natural, historic or cultural.

Another thing is the option of selecting a climate for the day.
A WHAT ???
Yes folks, its possible to select a climate for the day, as within some limits this is TRUE.

While the coast is gently warmed by the sun, ten minutes behind the coast it is lightly freezing, and an hour away inland snow is packed and frost biting.

Hurray !!!
I like it this way, starting in the wintercold, finishing on a seaside terrace in the sun with a cold beer in reach.
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