April 05, 2008

when the material is gone

Still lots of material in front and inside, but another step taken.
As while we are still in Holland, the men are working hard.

isolation floors and walls-DONE


tiles bathroom and livingroom- DONE

floor sleepingroom-DONE

water and electricity-DONE

painting inside-DONE

And however much has been done, still a lot waiting to be DONE .

It all started with the plan to stabilise a steep roadwall from falling down, after which we decided to combine it with a parkingplace, and in the end we had an appartement, with parking on top.

That was the first plan, extension of the terrace to a nice format was the second, and a "black hole", being a septictank in several partitions, was nr. three.
(So we do not have to get any "shit" out after a while, as the whole principle is based on biological degrading of the brown stinking stuff, after which the "clean" water thats left is gently given back to the plants).

And if all goes as hoped and wished for (no praying from my side), we will have a far better place than the little caravan we started with.

Come rain, snow, storm or heat, we've got a strong little house with a sleepingroom, a bathroom, a livingroom with cookingcorner, an
outdoor kitchen with grill and a storingplace for the beer.
And it all connects to what its all about, a fantastic scenery overlooking Mosor Mountains and total silence to enjoy birdlife and the seasons.

Modris in Svinisce is just the place to be !
Time to get there !!!
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