March 01, 2012

getting in shape for summer


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At last the snow has gone, and whoops it's spring all of a sudden.
With a friendly temperature of around 18 degrees Celcius, life looks pleasant again, as here most of life's pleasures are enjoyed outside.
All our neighbours are preparing their grapes for the growing season, and on and around their land they clean up and burn dead wood before the birds start to build nests.

Walking around in T-shirt again is truly a pleasure are the short but(unpresedented)fierce winter.
And hurray for me, it was the first time again to do some finishing preparations of the little roof I fell of three months ago (breaking six ribs).
No smashing this time, no shocking lack of air, no sweating close to fainting, still slightly unsecure, but all went well.
(Once you truly hurt yourselve, your system stores the signal and reminds you of how it felt and what to do/don't to prevent from experiencing the same sort of damage again).

Tomorrow two good friends come over to help me finishing it all, so finally that roof is ready, with under it storage and working space to weld, saw, screw and glue either wood or steel.
Never a dull moment since we live here, making a table or cubbord, or a small trailer for my 50 CC "motorbike".

No I never was and never will be like the bear on the picture, fysical work to me is as normal as eating, but work outs, training, fitness and jogging mean nothing to me.
Ok, I am slightly overweight, and yes my docter tells me to take care of my cholesterol, and yes I smoke and drink, but I feel fine, and going up a mountain is no problem, as long as I let my "diesel" get warm without overheating it.

So, with great respect for all who have a body of an atlete and run quicker than the cars in a traffic jam, who don't smoke and only drink water with a drop of lemon in it, neighter one of us can look into the future, and it's better to live happy than to die looking great.
As a matter of fact, I think I even look better than my furry friend on the picture, and for sure I sleep nice and warm every night, after a small glass of local rakija and some home dried figs.

Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.......the bear keeps lifting, and I am going to sleep in my warm cozy bed.
He may even win a gold medal or the bear olympics, I already feel a winner, living here in this magnificant country.

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