March 08, 2012

the value of freedom

Yesterday I received a couple of pictures from a friend in Holland.
They showed a prison in Austria, as human and modern as can be, with friendly places to sit, a workout place, and a well organised outdoor space to walk a bit.

Still it was a prison, where every move has to be approved, and all doors have a firm key.
It all looked spic and span, but one thing was easily forgotten.
It was a prison !

I was thinking a bit about it all, and concluded that whatever the circumstances, nothing beats freedom.
The picture here shows what freedom means, taken somewhere I do not even remember, but who cares, as the Croatian Zagora (the hinterland) has trillions of spots like this one.

An open landscape, some snow on Dinara far away, small red dots of some houses between the green, and water, the absolute essence to live, either for animals, plants or humans.

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you get going overhere, as this truly is a magnificant country.
And still there is the Adriatic coast, with its hundreds of islands, big and small, timeless little villages, historic towns, and thousands of secluded places to enjoy swimming in the clearest water.

The choise is yours, having a lazy sunny beach holiday or exploring all gorgious spots Dalmatia has to offer.
You're free to choose, as the Croatian/Dalmatian "menu" is endless.

Feel free, it's the very best this country has to offer.