March 03, 2012

STOP for a moment

Before I continue, I want to stop for a moment.
Writing my little daily stories about our life in our hidden valley, I regularly check the statistics Google gladly shows about the viewers of my blog.
Those Google people may think I am gonna get a dollar out of adding "sense", but no, that's not my intention, so to me those statistics are just a pleasant way to see if anybody is interested in my little "nothings" about living in Croatia.

And much to my surprise people from around the world are somehow reading my short stories.
Russia, America, Belgium, Holland, China and many more, with of course Croatia, and I guess many of my readers even are Croatians living far away.
As many Croatians in the past have gone far away from their beloved homeland, as options for a proper job and a better future were hardly available over here (and still are).

Whatever the reason to visit my blog, thanks for your attention, and I hope you enjoy reading some of it (not in perfect English, but I do my best to keep things understandable, and there is more English spoken around the world than my native Dutch :-)
I truly hope you get interested in Dalmatia's treasures, making you eager to visit this country.
With almost a 100 % certainty you'll fall in love with it's easy going way of life (like we did), making you an ambassador for it to friends around you.

Next item will tell a little story again, trying to show you that Croatia/Dalmatia is much MORE THAN just BEAUTIFUL, with a fantastic Adriatic coast, but a lot more than only that.

And what about you, my dear reader by coincidence or choice ?
Did you ever visit Croatia, was it only once or more, where do you live and how are you ?
As looking at those statistics I keep thinking "who are all those people from all over the world".

My recent pages I finished with a small question/ suggestion, and as I didn't add the option to comment to my blog pages, I invited you to mail me, see the header, or for once look here, as it's: (in which X=@).
You don't have to send me money (we're fine, thank you), and I won't offer you cheap Rolexes, Viagra or such.
I am just bloody curious who you are, since you got to know me/us and our life a bit in our hidden treasure.

To finish, today temperature rose to a very friendly and sunny 20 C, not bad for the first days of march.
(Tomorrow however it will be clouded, perhaps some rain, and a (small) drop of temperature).
Never a dull moment however for sure !!!!