March 21, 2012

some things never change

Another picture from a friendly contact in Holland.
(Click to enlarge and enjoy it's details).
He took it in 1968 when visiting our country as a tourist.
And however in black and white and almost fourty years ago,
trust me, it's all still there !
Where ?

In the Zagora my dear reader, in the hinterland !!!!!
I wrote it before, the Dalmatinski Zagora is where you MUST go,
at least once.
It's perfectly ok with me that you enjoy the Adriatic beaches, and it's great you at least visit Trogir .
A fantastic historic small town (under UNESCO protection) without cars,
but of course you want to get it all.
All ?

So next you visit Split, Dubrovnik, Krk waterfalls and go for a fish picknick or a rafting day on the Cetina, and perhaps you go up Biokovo Mountain, but still, still, still you did'nt féél !!!!!!
Feel what ?

The Zagora my best reader, the Hinterland !!!
As there you step back a bit in time, and you'll find nothing special.
So why go there, if nothing is special ?
Because that's so special !

Because there you find the very best people, living in humble houses in small villages, but they live a good life and any visitor is more than welcome as a guest.
Don't be surprised they start talking to you, than offer you a drink and something to eat to it, and as all drinks and food are home made and full of (sunny) taste, you'll have a great experience.
If not the greatest experience of all holiday you spend here.

However I am not a guide, nor in any (tourist) business,
I'll gladly help you to find your way into the the Zagora.
As there is always somebody who wants to guide you into their world.
Ain't gonna cost you a fortune;
if you're pleasant company they are as well.
(And if I cant find one, ok, than I'll show you around a bit).

Just send me an email at the address in the header of this blog,
and I'll help you out.
But don't tell éverbody, as it must remain a secret well protected.
So you (and me) can experience Dalmacija in all colours between black and white !

Thanks again Rinus, for a perfect picture !

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