March 09, 2012

happy 10th birthday IZOR webcam

A little while ago IZOR, the Croatian scientific institute for oceanographic and fisherie studies, celebrated the 10th. birthday of its fantastic dynamic webcam.

Being an absolute fan of the institutes webcam and its also very informative website, I decided to dedicate this item to those scientists that do a fantastic job in every aspect, especially this webcam.

For many years I very frequently visited their website, as still living in Holland than, it was the regular start of my working day, gathering data to get going again in the good old rat race.
What was the weather over there, how was the temperature, and sometimes, when a ship was passing, heading for Split's harbor, I followed that for a little while, before starting my daily activities.

Not only I checked the webcam, when I had the time for it I also learned a bit more about their scientific work, discovering new species, controlling water quality, even publishing the price of fish.

Living in Croatia nowadays, I can easily check weather, temperature, even the price of fish, simple by going out, to the fish market for instance.
Still, over the years this webcam kept me connected to what was to be my new homeland.
And to tell you a tiny very personal detail, it not only helped me start my working day again and again and again, it also sort of kept me dreaming of a day to come, the day I could say "enough is enough", as I slowly started to truly hate my job.
(The profession was great, two mergers, from Dutch to European to multinational American, were horrible).

So here I am now, in Croatia, every moment I wish able to check the blue of the Adriatic myself.
The 10th. birthday therefor, of the dynamic webcam IZOR, overlooking the bay of Kastela is well worth three cheers, so hip hip hip hurrah that fantastic webcam of IZOR !!!

And should you be in a position somewhere on the globe, feeling sad about having to dream in stead of experience Dalmatia, keep dreaming, click on the webcam and you'll feel a bit better !!!

Dreams do come true, and I know that's a fact.