March 20, 2012

the occasion makes the occasion

Senj 1968

Once in a while an unexpected pleasant occasion occurs, worth sharing.
I had some (minor) problems using an update of Picasa, my photo tool to create this blog.
The update introduced some new buttons, but also seemed to have erased another.
This erased button however was my MAJOR button, called "blog this".

When having a problem with my computer, I first walk away from it, to have a smoke and a coffee, giving me time to think about it, followed by walking onto our land, as there I realise there is more under God's sky than bloody computershit.

Still, I had to solve this thing, so walking back to my pc I decided to pray for some help, or at least post a question on one of those many forums (fora !) about using pc's without stress.
Whooaaaaahhhhhh, pc's without stress, ha ha ha.

Still all those brilliant developers of hard- and software first create a thing you can't live without, next they change it (they call that upgrades) and after that they create forums (fora !), helpdesks, and more upgrades, trying to kill you in a digital way by helping you out (and deeper in).
Computers and I will never be friends, unless they stay the way they are for ever and ever.

This time however, somebody called Digidorus (what's in a name), answered my cry for help, and easily sent me to the section where I could recover my VIB (Very Important Button).
It helped, he helped, maybe even my prayers helped for once.

And after thanking my kind clever contact will all my heart, he sent me a picture from the days he was visiting Croatia, in those days still part of former Yugoslavia.
(Yes, there have always been many tourists visiting this country).

Here's the picture, in black and white, taken by him at the harbour of Senj in 1968.
When taking a closer look, you'll discover nothing has changed over time, only the color and the cars.
Everything stayed unspoiled, but that's Croatia as it is, was and will be!
(Yes all you nerds, some things are perfect, so why change them.)

Puno hvala, thanks a lot Rinus !

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