November 21, 2013

BBQ & Grilling, but not the Croatian way :-)

Let's face it, Croatians like to grill, however...........
......Americans know how !

Now before my dear Croatian readers go mad, yes yes yes,
I like my grilled anything here in Dalmacija,
and yes, open air grilling or in the so called black kitchen
over pure wood or grape-tree clippings tastes great, but.......
there is always "non plus ultra" or "primus inter pares" if you like,
and that's the American way !
 Oprosti, oprosti, oprosti :-)

Hope you are still with me,
and did not click on the link below immediately,
but I simply have to share this item with you.
Cooking is one of my (to many) hobbies, and grilling is (just)
one of the many ways to create a delicious meal.

Occasionally I receive a smoke signal from Amazingribs,
and the things these people share with interested folks like me
is absolutely fantastic.

No, you do not have to get a green card,
and no, I would not recommend you to cross the ocean
(sorry USA, but this country is far more beautiful than yours).
But ignoring such rich tradition of BBQ-ing, grilling, smoking
would be a true cooking shame.

You don't have to follow every cooking step they take, but if you only use 1% of all the knowledge available on that site, you will have added a thousand new tricks to create delicious meals.

Get going, have a look, and if interested, put your name on the list, so you get those smoke signals too !
You won't be disappointed, and still can do some Dalmatian grilling, once in a while.
Which of course always begins with good quality food
(meat, fish, poultry, vegetables),
and boy do we have a lot of great (domaci) quality food in Dalmatia.

please do click here !

You can always mail me at the @ in the top right corner of this blog.

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