November 24, 2013

Croatian wines and grapes, to much and to many

If you are a wine lover,
than Croatia is a perfect reason to plan a visit.
The unbelievable variety of grapes and wines is simply exceptional,
no more, no less.

Already the good old Romans like Diocletian, knew this is one of the very best wine countries.
Perhaps that even was the true reason they came here and built their towns and palaces in Dalmatia.

Even today, each and everyone here grows olives and grapes,
making private wines and olive oil.
And more, but this page is about wine, so forget about them fruits.
(Oranges, lemons, kumquats, mandarins, figs and many more).

No doubt, everybody visiting Croatia and Dalmatia, once in a while drinks a wine, in summer I suppose more white ones, but to accompany some grilled meat a glass (or more) of red wine.

Most of the white wines served here are called Grasevina, a wine that comes from the North-Eastern part of Croatia, called Slavonia.

The red wines however, served in Dalmatia are most of the time called Plavac Mali, as that is the main grape that grows here,
on each and every patch of land.
(And: is evidence based the mother of the famous Zirfandel).

But that is much to simple, as there is a giant amount of different grapes here, both red and white, and each and every location has a different character, due to local conditions and soil.

Not being a specialist (at all) on wines, I like a good one, being local, bought by the liter, or a more sophisticated bottle from one of the better wine makers.

Much of my slowly growing knowledge I get from a gentleman called Cliff Rames.
Originally from Croatia, he lives and works as a sommelier in New York, and writes a splendid blog on Croatian wines.
If looking for an expert, he is, and no doubt the very best !!!!
do please click here:

 wines of croatia 

Once in a while I get his newsletter, and each of them is both very charming and informative.
I highly recommend you to see his blog, called "Wines of Croatia".

I hope one day he finds the time to put it all in a fine book,
which takes you to all those areas, grapes and wines.

As for sure, his blog already is an attractive trip through wine wonderland Croatia, putting it all in a book would provide every visitor with a tour guide leading from one beautiful region to another.

As Croatia is both beautiful and tasty,
certainly if you like a glass a day to dream away !
Still thinking if or when, I would say:

"Stop Thinking"

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