November 02, 2013

building future's archaeology

Many times when driving/walking around this area, I see old walls.
Much crumbled, fallen apart and forgotten, many however also in good order, as they are still necessary,
preventing the ground from washing down when it's raining.
Yes indeed, we have a rain season too, 
and it can be pretty heavy.

Not being the flattest country in the world,
with plenty of stones and rocks, what do you do ?
Yes indeed, you build walls.
And that's what people did and do here.

Our private part of Dalmatia, our 2000 sq. meters, also has different levels, so also walls.
Some in good shape, some restored, a couple to be restored still.
And......some completely new ones.

The new ones on this picture are a cover up for concrete walls, and the floor beneath them wasn't built as a floor in the first place.
Being modern people, we don't hide in the woods to powder our noses, but retreat into the bathroom.
And where there is a toilet, there must be a sewer (not here)
or at least a septic tank.
So we built a septic tank, and a LARGE one it is !

Jokingly the title of this page is "building future's archaeology", as archaeologists like to put their scientific noses into old toilets first, searching them for delicious historic left overs.
Bad luck for future researchers, as they won't find anything in ours, as the system is self supporting, with a load of bacteria eating around the clock what we have digested already.
What remains is water, clear natural water,
dripping from one chamber to another and another,
as "dinner" needs at least three chambers.

The roof of the septic tank was just a concrete roof on what goes on beneath it when recycling is in progress.
No other use than being the roof of it, come on.
Than why not make it into another terrace I thought,
so another project was born.
With plenty of space one never has enough terraces to relax.

When completely finished, it will be a pretty terrace with borders stuffed with flowers and herbs, and perhaps even a large pergola covered with fine grapes for shade.
Do we have a septic tank ?
Yes, we had !

The guy on the picture is a pro, so if you have some walls to build,
not the modern concrete ones, but true Dalmatian stone walls.
mail me and I'll give him your address.
(My address, as always, is in the header of this blog).

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