November 22, 2013

scotchmen, dutchmen, and seven straws.

Life is expensive, right :-)
People from Scotland or Holland (we), know how to keep things cheap.

No, not by ordering one Coca Cola with seven straws,
but using a cheap phone connection.
Using Localphone for instance makes it possible to order seven Cola's ánd seven straws.

If you are living far from your homeland, like we do, originally from Holland, once in a while some contact with relatives or friends there can be pretty expensive.
Not anymore, if you use this service:

Don't ask me how they do it, to me all them tricks are rocketscience,
my wife however is extremely clever with such things.
Only when she goes shopping, as than she always comes home
with some bargain, to which I (always) reply:
"it may be cheaper honey, but you still had to pay for it" :-)

Anyway, if you want to stay connected to the country you left to live in paradise (Dalmatia !), or doing business abroad, try Localphone.

The only thing cheaper is getting a piece of Swiss Emmental cheese,
asking why you have to pay for them holes too.

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