November 12, 2013

off season, hell no !

"Inspector cat" checking progress of a new path.
Pile of stones on our land changing into a pleasant footpath.

What used to be the top of the septictank near our house,
will change into a friendly terrace.

Not having a septic tank at our garden house yet,
we decided for a decent next one, solving, distance/level problems,
creating a nice new little terrace at the same time.
And nice it will be !

When finished with borders and flowers,
another great place to enjoy the view, sitting in the shade.
And relax !!!!

The Chinese may have their wall, soon ours will be ready too :-)
On the left side will be my three level botanic garden
(yes, another hobby).
The "Chinese Wall" will be finished with so called "benkovac kamen", hiding the concrete.

So if you think nothing happens during off season, now you know.
Two neighbors/friends are excellent workers,
so I do not have to do/think of everything on my own.
The finishing part, including planting and decorating,
will be my job again, as that's one of my (to) many hobbies.

Sometimes however, I am more than happy when we have a rain day.
With still much to do, crushing my old Dutch brains, translating my thoughts into understandable Croatian,
sometimes makes simple ideas into a twice as difficult job.

"Svaki dan malo vise" is my motto, and "polako" can wait !
Till the rain starts pouring again,
as than I have my needed rest, my "slobodan dan".
Ajmo Svinisce !

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