November 27, 2013

David Bowie lives here !!!

Having a couple of cats around (not ín) the house.
Well taken care of, and extremely social, a typical habit of people like us is to give them names.
One is called Feet, because he all the time tries
to make you stumble over your own.
The next one is called Little Feet, just to know who's who.
Than there is Monster, a cat with icecold blue eyes, extremely quick, a perfect hunter, and quicker on your lap than you sitting down.

And than, ladies and gentlemen, there he is:
the one and only

David Bowie.

Still in his Ziggy Stardust age when this picture was taken,
but already and clearly Bowie.

The two different eye colours made us call him Bowie,
and I think he understands his name,
as all the time he is singing to the ladies in the village "Let's dance".

Never in my life I would have thought I would like cats, but I do now.

Yes, Dalmatia does change a person.

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