December 04, 2013

wild horses in Livno (Bosnia Herzegovina)

A couple of years ago I already wrote about this magnificent group of wild horses, time to do so once more.
When Al Jazeera, National Geographic and Bavarian Television mention it, it's time for me to write again.

It came to my mind again, as tomorrow me and my friend Robert are crossing the border again to have a look once more in beautiful pure Bosnia Herzegovina.

It only takes one single hour by car to visit Livno and surroundings, and the whole trip is magnificent.
BiH (in short), is totally different from Dalmatia, and still much to unknown to all tourists visiting our also stunning region.
Most people come here for a sun baked holiday at our beautiful coast, but most of them think about some excursion while they are here.

Well folks, forget about that "original", "special" and "exclusive" fish pick-nick, because you ain't seen nothing yet
till you've visited those horses in pure nature.
Not just a couple of them, but more than three hundred !!!

Nowadays well protected by volunteers and the law, and if needed helped with some extra food during harsh winters,
they became "victim" of mechanisation.
Once people discovered the power of tractors and cultivators,
their power wasn't needed anymore, so they were freed around Livno.
With enormous wide territory reaching from Dinara to Cincar, including Livno Polje (flats), they now live in pure natural conditions, mating, giving berth and becoming an ever growing bunch.

For those a bit clever on internet it's not very difficult to find details, should you want someone to organise your visit, ask my good friend Robert, as he is running tourist agency malimlin , where he helps people to book a house or apartment, rent a car or organise a trip.
Not only the average well known excursions, also all worth doing,
but also very special ones !

Tomorrow we are going to have look in BiH, for ourselves,
but also for you.

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